Solomon Alexandru

About Me -

My name is Alexandru, I excell at maths, informatics and some other classes. I live in Moldova at Carpineni although i lived most of my life in Sarata-Galbena. I am 15 years old and I like programming, I liked it ever since I was a child and not because of the high wages, I liked it because the posibilities are endless. You could create anything your imagination desires. When I'll have the necesary funds to do so, I will create my own game company with games unlike the world has ever seen. However, until then, i would like to graduate high school, then go to a programming university.

Education -

From 1st to 8th grade I have been studying in Sarata-Galbena in L.T."Universum", however, since arriving in Carpineni, I have been studying here in L.T."Ștefan Holban". I plan on continuing my studyes here in Carpineni (and graduate high school), then either study by going to a proper programming university or study at home alone for the next 3 years 4 hours a day, but I still haven't decided. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Minima ipsam odit mollitia natus! Cum delectus similique quae, molestias laboriosam aut.






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